Sunday, October 12, 2008

Burlington Bikefest 08

Last weekend's Burlington Bikefest was a blast. We had six velomobile's plus Krash's velokit (not pictured) plus quite a few recumbents. Phil and the local crew in Burlington did a great job with press coverage. Riding back from Shelburn Farms (scene of the picture) I looked to my left and saw a TV van with camera woman filming me.

I let people take test rides on both Saturday and Sunday. In the picture to the left was one of the last test rides. Mom and son waited around patiently until everyone else had ridden It's not really a two person vehicle, but after all that waiting I didn't have the heart to tell the little guy he couldn't take a ride. In all I think I held court talking about my trike and letting people ride it for about 5 hours over the course of the weekend. More pictures