Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rebuild of Mike's Fairing

While a nice concept, our attempt at a front fairing out of a recycled coroplast political sign detailed in the Nov 16th post was not a success. The attempt to bring together the strips of coroplast into a nice smooth curve in the front of the two top sections just didn't work.

So back to the drawing board for a much better design. This design used a 4'x8' sheet of orange coroplast and an 18" by 8' section of left over yellow coroplast. All of it 4 mil as we haven't found anyone to sell us the thinner 2mil stuff.

This time the fairing uses a much simpler two pieces on each side with a middle channel to improve forward vision. The picture below shows the fairing almost finished .

It still needs some tape to cover the seems but other wise came out pretty well. Lacking an obvious place outside to mount the headlight, we cut a hole in the front of the fairing and mounted it inside by attaching it to the aluminum frame visible in the first picture above.

Here it is from the side. The back ends still need to be trimmed after the tail box is done. Entry is enabled by tilting the fairing forward. Next step is a wind shield. More pictures click here