Monday, July 25, 2011

Parachute Making

I spent the evening sewing two drag chutes to slow me down as I desend the rockies.  As I ran the sewing machine I couldn't help but think, "Thanks Grandma Gay for not sewing something for me but rather teaching me to use her old treddle sewing machine.  Thankfully, we moved up to an electric machine.  I've got new found respect for people sew tents and stuff made of nylon. I did a passible job but its not pretty.  Certainly won't be quitting the day job to become a tailor.

Location : 80-86 Thorniley St, New Britain, CT 06051,

Location : 144-178 Ella Grasso Rd, Newington, CT 06111,

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jim cassidy said...

That's one handsome roof over your head. Question: what do you do for air conditioning with that thing in place? Another question: how do you retrieve the parachute once deployed? Now, the big question: are you ready??? Tomorrow you leave Portland (or, more likely Astoria on the coast, is that correct?), so I expect you are. We are pulling for your success and praying for your safety. Enjoy the ride!!!