Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Connecticut Velomobile Ride

Yesterday we got three of the four velomobiles in Connecticut together for a 40 mile ride.
From left to right Howard Pfrommer, Mike Zych, and Merrill Gay.  Howard met me at my house in New Britain and we rode out to meet Mike at the Bristol Farmers Market.  After a stop at Super Natural Market and Deli (where the picture was taken) we headed out to Collinsville.  There we encountered the normal attention one gets with a velomobile times three.  Including someone from the Canton Patch who took a picture and wrote a short story.  After breaking loose from the curious we finally headed out.  Along the way we saw a sign for a solar house tour and stopped in for a look.  Turns out it was the home of Lou and Judi Friedman, parents of a co-worker at the Connecticut Citizen Action Group from some 20 odd years ago.

Here's the route we took.

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