Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day 1

May 15th - The first day of the car free challenge. My email inbox tells me that this is one of those days you're not supposed to buy gasoline. I don't think those things really work, but maybe its fitting that today I start the month long car free challenge. No gas purchases for a month.
The front fairing held together with masking tape.
Despite my best efforts I did not get the front fairing completed last night. My hope was to start the challenge with a completed fairing, fully decorated with the text that Bianca Signs in New Britain did up for me. It will say Car Free Challenge across the back end, Human Powered Vehicle in front of the front wheel and the web address on the side above the front wheel.

My day today consists of a meeting at my office a half mile from home followed by a meeting in Hartford (10 to 12 miles away). When that's over I'll join up with the Bike to Work gang from the Central CT Cycling Alliance for their "Bike to Dinner" outing. Then home. I'll be riding with just the tail box today. Hopefully I can get the fairing finished up tonight. the forecast includes showers tomorrow.

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