Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fun pictures from the electrovelo & HPV event

This was one of the funnier scenes of the day. The teacher driving the slick electric racer and his students (who usually pilot the racer) in the 100mpg Moonbeam. The electrovelo is ahead in this shot but the Moonbeam caught him in the straight away.
Despite my objections that it was only half finished one of the student electrovelo racers wanted to try my trike out. It was a pretty funny site with the half finished coroplast fairing flapping in the breaze.
Just before they packed it up I got a chance to take the slick electric racer out for a couple of laps. The crew suggested I go without the top. Here I am as I finished and pulled up next to my trike and its half finished fairing. Right on cue my son who was in the trike stuck his head out to clown for the camera.
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