Tuesday, September 2, 2008

David's trike is done!

At long last, trike #4 is done and off to Maryland with its new owner, 14 year old David. We visited his parents (old friends from high school) back at Thanksgiving of 07. I showed them this blog and David who has never really been able to ride a bike due to a disability that effects his balance, got very excited.
In the spring his dad emailed to see if I had a set of plans because David really wanted a trike. As if by design, the very next email in the in box was from my friend Mike who had started building trike with my help. He had just found a great deal on a used Catrike and had a new raise burning a hole in his pocket. Mike bought the Catrike and the half done trike with all the parts was available. I offered to finish the trike for David and now there's a very happy 14 year old who hopefully got to take a ride today after school.
The trike is a variation on my original design. It used the back end of a recycled suspension mountain bike. The front wheels are 20" BMX wheels with 14mm axles. It uses under seat steering is based on the Peter Eland's spreadsheet. The front wheels have rim U brakes operated by a single brake lever.
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