Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hartford tour

I rode the trike with the fairing into Hartford today. It was a great opportunity to publicize the Burlington Bikefest and velomobile rally coming up on Oct 3-5. As usual the velomobile attracted lots of attention and people were taking pictures of it before I even got to Bushnell Park. I ran into Dave, Mike and Maggie who are all planning to make the trip up to Burlington.
I wasn't the only person who thought the Hartford tour might be a good place to promote something cycling related. At the East Coast Greenways table I ran into Steve Mitchell who has a new web site Among other things it has links to videos of trail related shows shown on Simsbury's public access station. Steve was talking up a New Haven to Hartford ride along the route of the greenway.
I also met a couple who noticed the ad for Bianca Signs on my velomobile and asked if they could take a picture because her name was Bianca. I never caught his name but he handed me a sticker for BeatBikeBlog which is all about riding in Hartford, CT

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