Monday, November 22, 2010

The "new" Alleweder Velomobile

Shortly after the last post I experienced one of those rare times when the stars aligned. I posted to BentriderOnline on a Friday that I had signed up to the Roll Over America and now I needed figure out which options I wanted to get with the Alleweder kit. I assumed I would be buying the kit in the fall and building over the winter. The next day I had a message from Larry, a fellow bentrider that he had just take delivery of a new Greenspeed Glyde and his Alleweder was up for sale. His asking price for it was less than the unbuilt kit. He delivered it on Monday. Here a picture of me in it.


Jay Sampson said...

Merrill, how was your ROAM ride in the Alleweder? I am interested in knowing about the noise level of the velo as well as other aspects of your experience riding the velo.


Jay Sampson said...

Merrill, not sure the last comment went through. Anyhow, I was wondering about your experience in the Alleweder during ROAM last year.