Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flooding in SD still causing problems.

The spring's floods washed out part of u s 12 in Roscoe south dakota so we had to take a detour be about 20 miles. When we finally got for lunch to Ipswitch SD, one of the locals mentioned that the priest at the catholic church had somethin sorta like this without the shell. I suggested he give him a call and a few minutes later there was a priest outside of the Subway checking out the velos.
It turns out that Fr. Randy Philips has a 2008 ICE trike that had been a demo. I asked him what he thought the odds were that 34 velomobiles would roll through his little town of ipswich. Later I wondered what the odds were that we would encounter a recumbent trike riding priest in at town of 941 souls in the middle of South Dakota.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the frequent updates. There are more people tuning in across the web that you know.This has been really fun to follow. Hopefully, if this becomes an annual event I can join you one year.


jim cassidy said...

Great stuff getting up on your blog. I'm really amazed you have the time and the energy to do it, but I'm glad of it. Are you doing better on Twitter or Facebook?
Keep the stories and the pictures coming.

David Whitmon said...

Merrill. Is ROAM down to 34 riders?

Did the priest get to try a velomobile?

Jim Williamson said...

Merrill: sounds like the adventure of a lifetime! We miss you, but at the same time, are incredibly jealous. Enjoy!

Jim Williamson & your friends at the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain