Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fort Wayne IN

Made it back to the eastern time zone today. The highlight of the day was the town of Nappanee IN.
Velos parked in front of the round Amish barn.

Namanne has a large Amish community that in addition to the horse and buggy have embraced>BREAK

bicycles and tricycles. This was new to me so you can imagine my surprise when I rolled up to an intersection to find twist young Amish guys one on a Tour Easy recumbent and the other on a Baccetta recumbent. I chatted with them for a couple of minutes and learned that an Amish guy runs the only recumbent shop in Indiana.
One of the Dutch riders works for a company called Ciber that is located near Nappanee and treated the group to lunch at the Amish Acres resort.


jim cassidy said...

I've been in Peninsula on my bike. Went with Marianne's dad many times, sometimes to the Winkin' Lizard. It lies on the trail from Cleveland to Akron, which we did several times. Cool story about the Amish guys and their recumbents. My "slow moving vehicle" triangle on the back of my bike is from Yoder's Hardware in Goshen, IN.
Keep plugging. You are almost there. You will likely never be the same, full of great memories and some wonderful stories.

Otter said...

Welcome to the Eastern time zone! What an amazing adventure you are having.
Here in NB we celebrated Eoin's birthday, graduation, continuing recovery from a broken collar bone. Renee Reese and David Blatt send greetings (I think their Smart Car is only slightly bigger than a velo).
Please sing a few choruses of "Cumberland Gap" as you travel through there, and give a salute to the stalwart spirit of John Brown up in Harper's Ferry.