Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Longest ride ever

Today was a 160 mile ride from Bowman ND to Mobridge SD.  It was generally down hill, the temperature a perfect mid 70's and partly cloudy. With the exception of a few miles of road construction the road was smooth with a car or truck passing every 5 or 10 minutes.  In the morning we were blasting along at 25 to 30 mph with a tail wind.  After 50 miles we had our coffee break and I joined a bunch of folks for an early lunch.  15 miles later I started wishing I had coffee instead.  70 miles into the ride I was gettring distinctly drowsy.  I kept hoping that over the next hill there might be aa town big enough to have a place to buy coffee.  At one point I found my self with my head resting on the inside of the roof fighting to keep my eyes open.  I looked down at the speedometer I saw that even on the verge of falling asleep I was still pedaling fast enough to be going 27 miles an hour.  Just then as I was writing off another cluster of broken down buildings and farm equipment as another us been town, I spotted a hand written sign for a restaurant with a neon "Open" sign.  I hung a quick U turn and went back to a little dive full of locals.  Coffee in hand, I fielded the usual, "What do you call them there little buggies?"  When I asked how much I owned,  the owner said, "That will be 50 cents, no you only had one it's on the house.  You have a safe ride."  Later in the day we stopped at the Prarie Dog cafe where they had a map where patron could stick a push pin in to their home town.  For you dewing the blog with my location shown on a map its clear, but for us riding through the endless hay and wheat feilds, it was quite a revelation that we are now almost half way across the country.

Location : Indian Creek Rd, Mobridge, SD 57601,


David Whitmon said...

Merrill. I am so proud of you and your fellow ROAMers.

WOW! Half way across. Keep those calories and coffee flowing.

David Whitmon said...

Merrill. I love watching that dot on your map leaping across the Unites States. Great job!